english notes from the maraphone.

один господин из палермо, длина его ног непомерна
Mom,would u buy me an i-scream?
I wish I could be Pushkin's pen-he would use me very often and I would feel that I'm writing the Literature-programm for the 6th classes.

Once I saw a Pirate in the sky.He said he had no victims that day and
maybe I know any gold-filled ships around. I said no,but I've got 4-pawed Hudson, but Pirate wasn't seem to be interested in cats.And he left me.I was alone again and I went to find some carrots,but there were only broken bulbs in the street. So I climbed on the highest ladder I could find and began singing the song of the M.Pandas
I still feel the wind around and even snowflakes on the end of my nose.
I was singing: In the honour of Gvinet
We'll beat all the Venerians...
But in the end of the chorus I fell down on the ground and 'twas rather unpleasant so I stood up and went away.

Pf...the end,dear reader.

2007-11-20 в 18:05 

OMG The best story I`ve ever read! T___T

2007-11-20 в 18:19 

один господин из палермо, длина его ног непомерна
the best story I've ever written xDD

thank you)


человек назвал тигра тигром, потому что тигр был похож на тигра