oso polar
один господин из палермо, длина его ног непомерна
девиант арт взял у меня небольшое интервью для их фейсбука.
ну типа "как я провел эту жизнь" с опорой на наводящие вопросы.
оно выложено какими-то кусками, поэтому сюда скину весь текст.

ну типа вот первая часть и тд

I’ve been a creative kid from the very start. I remember playing around with all sort of things, making dolls out of paper, clothes pins, beads, matches, etc. When I was little, there were very limited DIY kits or books -- the kind you can easily find at kids' stores today. But I did my best -- with my mom’s and grandparents’ help -- to get patterns and books about origami, macrame, plush dolls.

In school, I continued making handmade things in various clubs. Thanks to our crafts lessons teacher, we had quite a bunch of clubs, but until I was 16, I never thought of taking this seriously. I knew I’d have to choose some decent profession, and there was no way I would be an artist of any kind.
But at the age of 16, I saw two people -- bellz and her friend’s TroubleNight -- sharing their dolls on DeviantArt. This was the first time I saw dolls that had fans among adults. It was amazing! I got so inspired, I made a copy of TroubleNight’s doll immediately. I’m really ashamed of this, and when she posted a comment on my photo of this doll, I decided never to steal again. I began making my own dolls and have never stopped since.
Although I was still to face an economics faculty first.

I feel super lucky and blessed that dollmaking became my full-time job, and I don’t depend on anyone at the moment. I just make the dolls I want to make. I find inspiration everywhere -- in shapes, colors, animals, my emotions, old legends, and myths.
My biggest dream is to develop my art into stop-motion animation one day. But, for now, I feel okay just making dolls.
My only advice to young artists, if I may give some, is never to stop doing what you love.
You know when you're working on something you're proud of, and you feel like you’ve found your place and you’re doing the right thing? Find this and keep it up.